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The Literacy Solutions Online Privacy and Site-use Policy

This website is totally non-invasive. It does not set digital markers (“cookies”) on visitors' browsers, nor does it attempt covertly to gather information, such as email addresses, that might be used to identify individual visitors. The site server does, however, record general http header information, as do nearly all commercial servers on the World Wide Web. It does so in order to prepare error logs and compute site-use statistics useful for making the site as reliable and easy to use as possible. Literacy Solutions does not and will not compile that data in any manner that would allow us to identify visitors by name or address. When you use the secure contact form on this site, you are asked to provide information that allows us to get in touch with you. Literacy Solutions will never voluntarily share, barter, or sell information you provide.

The contact information and form on this site are intended to aid you in exchanging non-sensitive information with our office, as in arranging an appointment to speak with one or more of our staff. Today's Internet communications, unless very highly encrypted, cannot guarantee complete privacy. Whether you are a prospective or established client of Literacy Solutions, do not use regular e-mail to transmit confidential information to us.

The listing of various organizations on this site does not imply that Literacy Solutions always endorses the actions, statements, or opinions of each of those organizations or their representatives.

Websites linked to or from this site are not under the control of Literacy Solutions, and Literacy Solutions can have no responsibility for their day-to-day content.

We take your privacy seriously

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