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Bringing You a Background of Expertise

Literacy Solutions is exceptionally well prepared to instruct students in the use of assistive technology and speech-recognition software. Our staff co-authored a multi-sensory program designed to teach phonetics to individuals who have difficulty learning to read and who have primary reading disorders. Staff experience includes action research for the National Center for Improved Practices in Special Education. Literacy Solutions's director contributed a vital chapter to the book Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Complete, about using speech-recognition technology with students who have learning disabilities.

The chapter — available now as a separate book, There's a Dragon in My School — contains information and tips about the use of speech recognition by teachers and specialists with students who have learning disabilities. Its subchapters suggest the wide range of expertise you can expect from Literacy Solutions (read excerpted case studies):

  1. Questions for Discussion When Considering the Use of Assistive Technology 444
  2. Questions for Discussion When Considering the Use of VR Technology in Particular: 445
  3. Tyler 446
  4. David 450
  5. Nick 453
  6. Keneeza 455
  7. Clarity of speech 460
  8. Degree of comfort with computer use 461
  9. Training 462
  10. Tips for Successful Use of Speech Recognition in the Educational Setting 465
  11. Resource List 469
  12. General Sources of Information About Learning Disabilities and ADD 469
  13. Organizations with Information for Dissemination on LD, ADD and Assistive Technology 472
  14. Videos (LD/ADD) 473
  15. Magazines and Newsletters (LD/ADD) 473
  16. Legal Rights of Children with ADD and Learning Disabilities 474
  17. Resources for Educators 475
  18. Assistive Technology 477 Resources for Children with Learning Disabilities and ADD 479
  19. Resources for Parents 480
  20. Speech Recognition On-line Discussion Forums and Information Sites 482

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